Join the Lab

We are always on the look out for enthusiastic, motivated people to join Mines Glaciology and kick it with us in Golden. Prospective graduate students or postdoctoral scholars interested in blending remote sensing with ground geophysics to investigate ice-sheet processes should feel free to peruse the details of our programs online and to contact Matt at to discuss potential research projects. We accept students through both the Hydrologic Science & Engineering Program and the Department of Geophysics, so you have some flexibility in your focus and coursework (click those links to see information about each graduate program!). Any graduate student accepted as part of Mines Glaciology will be fully funded through a combination of teaching and research assistantships. The typical postdoctoral position will be for one year, with renewal for a second year subject to performance. 

We are also happy to take on undergraduate researchers from Mines (or elsewhere) year-round. Except in extenuating circumstances, all undergraduate research experiences are paid positions.

Already a student or postdoctoral scholar elsewhere, but think spending some time in person with Mines Glaciology will help your work? Fantastic! We love hosting visiting scholars that bring new questions and ideas to the group, to the department, and to the institution. Just send us an email, and we will get started seeing how we might be able to get you to Golden.

Students with strong backgrounds in physics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, or astrophysics are particularly encouraged to apply.


Why Golden?

Colorado School of Mines sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains, 20 minutes west of Denver and 25 minutes south of Boulder. With a dozen major ski areas within a three hour drive, a white-water kayak run in town, world-class mountain biking from your office door, and sunshine 300+ days a year (according to legend at least), we aren’t sure why you wouldn’t want to come here. Beyond the obvious perks of living in the Front Range, we have USGS on campus and all of the academic perks of Boulder (NCAR, NOAA, CIRES, NSIDC, and UNAVCO to name a few) right up the road. On top of that, Colorado hosts an incredible number of glaciologists and cryospheric scientists within a one hour drive. We aren’t really sure what else you’d want, except maybe a place to go surfing. 

Get in touch

We don’t really list “current opportunities” because, to be honest, there is always a current opportunity. If it seems like you’ll be a productive member of Mines Glaciology, we can work to find the funding. The more lead the time the better, so let’s start talking.